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     Moosehead started in the Northeast US in the mid 70's with firewood and logging sales, shifting in the 80's as land clearing took over the majority of our forestry business.  By the late 90's Moosehead had transformed into a diverse land clearing and site development company, working nationally on large scale projects.  We are able to pursue work across the country at effective rates, often tackling projects that were turned down by other contractors due to their difficulty.  Moosehead has always been known for being able to get the job done safely, on time, and correctly the first time.

     We strive to be a “Zero Incident” company in every endeavor we take.  From administrative to supervision, our employees number one goal is to work safely.

     Since the 90's we have specialized in clearing for Utility lines (Gas and Electric), Major D.O.T. projects (Highway, Railroad, and Airport Infrastructure), Large Scale Site Development, and Natural Disaster Relief.  We have evolved with changing industry practices including Environmental Control installations, Stone Processing, Civil Site Construction, and Access Road Construction.  Our ability to adapt and stay ahead of the competition has always allowed us to succeed in today’s competitive market.

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