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     Moosehead continues to stick to our roots in forestry by offering quality wood products throughout the New England region.  We offer commercial/bulk orders of wood products throughout New England, and offers residential sales in Hartford, CT / Springfield, MA area at our Suffield, CT location.

     We produce quality wood products for each individual need.  See below for a list of products, and submit a request for pricing by emailing or the form below.  Please ensure you include product type and quantity in your request.


Natural Eco Mulch

Our Natural Eco Mulch is made from recycled yard waste, including storm debris, pallet wood, tree care waste, and other vegetative materials.  It is double ground, but being a recycled product can contain non-organics.  

red mulch.JPG

Red Double Ground

Double ground and dyed red to give bright consistent mulch beds year round.



Firewood offered delivered in Log Length or split.  Split seasoned hardwood.  Log length available seasoned or green.

natural double.jpg

Natural Double Ground

Our double ground natural mulch is a best seller, as it gives a lighter mulch color, and is 100% pure organic material.  Natural color variety from source fiber.  


Natural Hemlock

Double ground and pure hemlock, giving a natural red color and long lasting product.

black mulch.jpg

Black Double Ground

Our best selling mulch, double ground and dyed black to give dark consistent mulch beds year round.


Trail & Surface Chip

Reground wood chips, making a great surface for home playgrounds, walkways, and activity areas.  Clean and renewable.  

Request Info

Thank you, we will respond to your request!

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